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Why livestream and Tips to livestream better

Today many of us recognise the term livestream, but few are aware that livestream premiered all the way back in 2007 and today, the industry’s worth an estimated USD$70 Billion dollars. So why is livestream in such high demand? Firstly, livestream broadcasts occur in real time and allow instantaneous reaction from viewers through the live chats and webcam forming an air of inclusiveness. Hence, this form of digital content is more engaging than the typical pre-recorded videos

2 Tips to flying Drone in Open Sea

1. Never trust your Return to Home function on your DJI drone . Alway land in manual mode whenever possible 2. Check the weather - Start your drone somewhere protected from the wind. Most accidents happen in this phase of the flight, so you should pay attention to this tip when flying in strong winds. Align the drone with the front part facing the wind and stand behind the drone at a safe distance.

Drone laws in Singapore

Hiring a drone operator for your aerial filming #drone #dronecoverage #dronesingapore . Check that they have an #operaterpermit #activitypermit https://www.vocarestudio.com/drone

On Arrivals and Departures

The struggle that goes on between my mind and fingers happens every time I am told to write something more than a caption. I am not apt in translating the trillion thoughts and emotions that run through my mind hence not being able to finish writing a book. But a new day has birthed for Vocare and makes it worth the stress and effort to write about it. I have some exciting news to announce and I am trying not to get ahead of myself. Some of you were with us in the beginning w