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Drone Services In Singapore

Looking for the best CAAS-approved drone operation in Singapore? Trust our trusted and proven track record. Our drone services are renowned for their exceptional quality, reliability, and compliance with CAAS regulations. With expertise in various industries like photography, videography, surveying, and inspections, we deliver unparalleled aerial solutions. Our approved drone operation guarantees adherence to strict safety protocols, ensuring a safe and efficient experience. Count on cutting-edge technology, skilled operators, and outstanding customer service. Elevate your projects with confidence and experience the excellence of our CAAS-approved drone operation.

Cinematography & Photography 

Live Aerial Video Streaming 

Power Tethered Drone 

Drone cinematography provides a unique perspective on Singapore's skyline and landmarks. Drones capture high-resolution 4k to 5.6k  footage from unique angles, enhancing real estate, tourism, and event coverage.

Live aerial video feed services deliver real-time footage directly to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Drones equipped with high-definition cameras are utilized in event broadcasting, surveillance, and security sectors, transforming the way we view live events and situations.

Power tethered drones, linked to ground-based power sources, enable prolonged flight for continuous surveillance or live feeds. These feeds can be streamed directly to social media platforms, providing real-time coverage for urban planning and public events of up to tether length of 50m.

Vocare x Aerial Drone Samples

Vocare x Aerial Drone Samples

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