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Live Streaming

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Incorporating video production software like VMix and OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) into your presentation can offer advanced capabilities for live streaming, recording, and producing high-quality videos. Here's why you should consider using vMix and OBS:

  1. Live Streaming: Both VMix and OBS are powerful live streaming software that allow you to broadcast your presentation in real time to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. These tools provide various features such as scene switching, overlays, and multiple camera inputs, enabling you to create a professional live stream experience for your audience.

  2. Multi-Camera Setups: If your presentation involves multiple camera angles, VMix and OBS can handle the complexities of switching between different camera feeds seamlessly. You can integrate multiple cameras, pre-recorded videos, slides, and other media sources, creating a dynamic and engaging visual experience for your viewers.

  3. Customization and Branding: With VMix and OBS, you have full control over the visual elements of your presentation. You can customize overlays, graphics, lower thirds, and transitions to match your branding or desired aesthetic. This level of customization helps maintain a consistent visual identity throughout your presentation.

  4. Scene Management: Both VMix and OBS offer scene management capabilities, allowing you to create and switch between different scenes or layouts during your presentation. You can set up specific scenes for different parts of your presentation, easily transitioning between slides, videos, and live camera feeds to provide a smooth and professional viewing experience.

  5. Recording and Post-Production: vMix and OBS also enable you to record your presentation while live streaming. This recording can be useful for archiving, further editing, or repurposing your content. You can make adjustments, add annotations, or polish the recording in post-production, enhancing its overall quality before sharing it with a wider audience.

  6. Virtual Sets and Chroma Keying: Advanced features like virtual sets and chroma keying in vMix and OBS allow you to create immersive and visually stunning backgrounds for your presentation. You can transport yourself to a virtual studio or overlay graphics onto your video feed, adding a professional touch to your live stream or recording.

  7. Integration with External Devices: VMix and OBS are compatible with a wide range of external devices, such as cameras, microphones, audio mixers, and streaming hardware. This flexibility allows you to enhance your audio and video quality, incorporate professional-grade equipment, and produce a seamless presentation.

  8. Plugins and Extensions: Both VMix and OBS have active communities that develop plugins and extensions, expanding the software's capabilities. You can explore and utilize these additional tools to enhance your presentation, add interactive elements, or integrate with other platforms and services.

By utilizing VMix and OBS, you can harness advanced video production features, customize your presentation's visual elements, manage multiple camera angles, and create professional live streams or recordings. These software tools offer flexibility, customization, and control over your presentation, allowing you to deliver a high-quality and engaging experience for your audience.


1. Managing virtual fatigue

Virtual fatigue occurs when people feel exhausted after or during a virtual conference or meeting. If viewers feel this way, they are more likely to leave mid-way or not show up at all. To counter this effect, we suggest a giveaway or promotion that would get viewers excited and help bring back their attention. Q&A sessions can also be put in place of giveaways and promotions. What would not be as effective are ads that do not value-add to the topic. Ads that show little relevance can also be seen as a distraction and irk viewers, enticing them to leave the virtual event.

2. Setting your livestream apart from the rest

With so many individuals and companies trying to go live with their content and events, some details can help your livestream stand out. The basic principle is to make it as visually appealing as possible, but things can get tricky when you are stuck with a 2D display. Utilizing ticker tapes (horizontal strip at the bottom with moving text) can be useful in bringing back viewers who are lost on what is being discussed. Secondly, adding in pop up graphics (top right corner of the picture) would grab your viewers attention to the right spots during segments of the livestream.


With the 2 most important tips addressed, you can now benefit from livestreaming events be it as an individual or as a company. If you wish to let professionals handle your livestream videos, we provide quality livestream services. Contact us today to receive a quote!

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