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Why livestream and Tips to livestream better

Today many of us recognise the term livestream, but few are aware that livestream premiered all the way back in 2007 and today, the industry’s worth an estimated USD$70 Billion dollars.

So why is livestream in such high demand?

Firstly, livestream broadcasts occur in real time and allow instantaneous reaction from viewers through the live chats and webcam forming an air of inclusiveness. Hence, this form of digital content is more engaging than the typical pre-recorded videos. Not to mention live streams also transcends geographical boundaries. Especially during the pandemic, what better way to combat the lack of human interaction by doing it virtually? It’s both safe and helps to keep you sane.

However, just because live streaming can be as easy as clicking a ‘go live’ button, it does not mean that individuals or companies who stream live receive great results. So we will discuss and address common but major issues that come with livestream videos.


1. Managing virtual fatigue

Virtual fatigue occurs when people feel exhausted after or during a virtual conference or meeting. If viewers feel this way, they are more likely to leave mid-way or not show up at all. To counter this effect, we suggest a giveaway or promotion that would get viewers excited and help bring back their attention. Q&A sessions can also be put in place of giveaways and promotions. What would not be as effective are ads that do not value-add to the topic. Ads that show little relevance can also be seen as a distraction and irk viewers, enticing them to leave the virtual event.

2. Setting your livestream apart from the rest

With so many individuals and companies trying to go live with their content and events, some details can help your livestream stand out. The basic principle is to make it as visually appealing as possible, but things can get tricky when you are stuck with a 2D display. Utilising ticker tapes (horizontal strip at the bottom with moving text) can be useful in bringing back viewers who are lost on what is being discussed. Secondly, adding in pop up graphics (top right corner of the picture) would grab your viewers attention to the right spots during segments of the livestream.


With the 2 most important tips addressed, you can now benefit from livestreaming events be it as an individual or as a company. If you wish to let professionals handle your livestream videos, we provide quality livestream services. Contact us today to receive a quote!

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