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On Arrivals and Departures

The struggle that goes on between my mind and fingers happens every time I am told to write something more than a caption. I am not apt in translating the trillion thoughts and emotions that run through my mind hence not being able to finish writing a book. But a new day has birthed for Vocare and makes it worth the stress and effort to write about it.

I have some exciting news to announce and I am trying not to get ahead of myself.

Some of you were with us in the beginning when we started 12-13 years ago. A $5000 Apple Powerbook was all we had, along with a table space in the shop-house office of 217 Selegie road. Here, a tight knit community of photographers and us shared food, equipment, ideas, lame jokes and endless critique of each other’s work.

Days turned into nights; weekdays to weekends – and what an amazing and supportive community of creative folks! We saw each other through our youthfulness, naivety; depths of despair and failures, heartaches and tears. We took turns to be emcee; videographer; photographer; and entourage at each other’s wedding. Soon, our individual businesses began to expand and we started different pursuits. During 2008 - 2009, we took over the entire studio in the midst of a major recession and we still remember that giddy mix of fear and excitement. We will never forget the kind souls who made a difference in helping us prep our first venture of owning the studio so that we can quickly meet clients.

To those that have walked through the door of Vocare and have spent your time here as an intern, colleague, client, wedding couple, business partner, volunteer, family and or a friend, thank you. Thank you for making this space so special. This space has become more than just a physical office space because you have chosen to set foot here and grow with us.

So here we stand 13 years on, with a growing corporate clientele and an increasing interest in our work, it is now necessary for us to separate the corporate branding from our wedding business. We are pleased to announce the arrival of Vocare Studio as our corporate establishment that will produce animation work, commercials, licensed commercial aerial video and photos and more.

The separation of the two brands: Vocare Studio and Vocare Weddings will also coincide with a shift to our new office this weekend to Oxley Bizhub, a tight industrial space with a second floor mezzanine. As you can tell, our love for staircases continues.

And finally, what started as a passing remark on a scenic trip around Western Australia has crystallized into an actual entity with the opening of our Vocare Studio Australia office.

Ms. Michelle Tan joins the Vocare Studio family as Project Director from Australia and our operations has begun last year and we hope to gain more ground in the months to come.

To those that have entrusted my team and I with your projects and allowed us to share in your journey, and to those like-minded creative folks who have shared opportunities and advise, know that we are very grateful of it and we are still committed to our goals from day one – delivering top-notched services and consistency in our work. We are enthusiastic about our new challenges and look forward to partnering with you to fulfill your needs.

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