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Vocare (pronounced as ‘Vo-Care’) is a Latin word which means ‘calling’.

Vocare is a production house that has been translating stories to visual imageries since 2005. Vocare provides a diversity of service from end to end, to meet the growing needs of their clients. From pre-production, storyboard and talent casting to actual shoot and post-production that includes animation.

The diverse range of services
Photography, Videography, Multi-camera Livestreams, Drone coverage, Info-graphics, 2D and 3D Animation, Graphics Design, Web Design and Sharepoint Intranet services.

Our clients enjoy full access to assets in both Singapore and Australia worth over SGD$50K and AUD$45k respectively. Assets include Drones, Digital and Broadcast cameras, Lenses, Crane, Steadicam, Lights, Micro dollies Audio equipment, Portable Voice recording booth, Vision mixers, Recording Devices and the full range of Adobe suite

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